Igor Eškinja. Made In:side – English version

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Igor Eškinja
Made In:side

BardiniContemporanea 3
Curated by Alberto Salvadori

Florence, Villa Bardini
Costa San Giorgio, 2 & 6a

10 April – 7 June 2009

Inauguration Thursday 9 April, 19.00

Third appointment for BardiniContemporanea with the exhibition Made In:side of the young Croatian artist Igor Eškinja, curated by Alberto Salvadori which opens to the public on Friday 10 April 2009.

Igor Eškinja, born in 1975 in Rijeka, lives and works between Fiume, Milan and Venice. He trained in Italy at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti’ of Venice, the city where he began exhibiting in 1999 at the Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation. His work is increasingly obtaining more approvation on the international scene, as also his presence in two of the venues of the latest edition of ‘Manifesta’ demonstrates, as well as his numerous participations in collective and personal shows held in Italy, Spain, Croatia, Austria, Venezuela and Luxemburg where his exhibition at the Project Room of the Luxemburg Casino is still on show.

Igor Eškinja’s research concentrates on the concept of perception and the transient, key elements of his work. His interventions are always simple and light, often carried out in the physical space of the gallery, the given place of art, and his installations are transitory, they last the length of the show, giving origin to the procedure of de-materialisation of the objects. In this process the artist is interested in the relationship that is created between the work and the spectator, at times directly involved and at times purposely excluded.

In Made In:Side at the Villa Bardini, Eškinja presents a new installation made with packing tape and a series of photographs that represent similar installations, made with the same means in the studio or in the gallery space and successively destroyed. What remains therefore is the photograph, document and work at the same time. The artist uses, as in other of his works, everyday materials, the commonplace sticking tape is the instrument with which outlines of boxes are drawn on the walls and the underlying floor, with scotch tape he defines the outlines and gives form to empty space.

The image acquires recognition and volume only by looking at it from where it has been photographed, thanks to the subtle artifice of the anamorphosis: the only point of perspective possible for distinguishing the form is where the photograph has been taken.Eškinja plays on the displacement, on the confines between what is real and not, he places you on the threshold of illusion. And it is here that the spectator, the real protagonist of the operation, comes into action, he has the role of filling up this emptiness between imaginary and reality, the elements become activated and take on shape thanks to his perception acquiring, in spite of the bi-dimensionality of the photographic reproduction, a tangible depth.
As Igor himself says “I try to adapt the form to an idea, a situation and a context. In many works, the shape emerges following a particular idea of what I want to do. Mostly I use geometrical forms because of their intrinsical simplicity. My interest for the outline comes from the need to de-materialise the real shape, to improve it and to make it more explicit”.

Made In:side will be accompanied by a catalogue with writings by Alberto Salvatori, Roberta Tenconi and Leigh Markopoulos.

BardiniContemporanea is part of the ‘Osservatorio per le Arti Contemporanee’ (Observatory for the Contemporary Arts) an initiative of the ‘Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze’.


Preview for the Press: Thursday 9 April, 12.00
Inauguration: Thursday 9 April, 19.00

Igor Eškinja
Made In:side

Curated by Alberto Salvadori
Florence, Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio, 2 & 6a
10 April – 7 June 2009

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