Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani

Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani

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Villa Bardini
Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani
mostra fotografica di Marco Lanza

da sabato 23 gennaio 2016 a  domenica 21 febbraio 2016

In occasione del Dì di Festa
domenica 7 febbraio e
domenica 14 febbraio 2016
alle ore 10,30
sono previste visite in mostra con il fotografo Marco Lanza
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Il 23 gennaio 2016 si inaugura a Firenze presso Villa Bardini la mostra fotografica Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani, costituita da trentacinque immagini di diverso formato realizzate da Marco Lanza nei depositi dei principali musei italiani.
La particolarità delle immagini esposte è data dal fatto che le fotografie non si limitano a riprodurre i vari depositi, bensì li creano, li ‘realizzano’ con il linguaggio della fotografia: tramite le inquadrature, tramite la luce che, incontrando la materia, il corpo e e la polvere, genera colore. Il linguaggio dell’arte comunica l’arte.
Accompagna la mostra il volume Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani, pubblicato da “Gli Ori” di Pistoia.

L’esposizione a cura di Luca Farulli è promossa dal Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze con il contributo dell’Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, della Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron ed il supporto di Banca CR Firenze. Il patrocinio è del Comune di Firenze.

Orari della mostra:
dal martedì alla domenica ore 10,00 – 19,00

Costo del biglietto:
Intero € 8.00
Ridotto € 6.00 per i visitatori dai 7 ai 14 anni, studenti, gruppi superiori a 10 pax, ai soci ACI, Touring Club, Unicoop Firenze, FAI, Feltrinelli, Fond. Studio Marangoni, abbonati Controradio e per chi è in possesso del biglietto di Museo del ‘900, Museo di Palazzo Vecchio, Forte Belvedere, Museo Stefano Bardini.
Ridotto € 4.00 per le scolaresche, per i soci FAI Giovani e per i possessori del Biglietto del Giardino Boboli-Bardini.
Gratuito per diversamente abili e loro accompagnatori, giornalisti, insegnanti con scolaresca, guide turistiche e bambini sotto i 6 anni, possessori della Firenze Card.

Con il biglietto della mostra si visita anche il Museo Capucci e Museo Annigoni.

PARCHEGGIO GRATUITO non custodito presso il Forte Belvedere.

Per informazioni 
tel 055/200.66.206

English version

Photography exhibition sponsored by Fondazione Bardini Peyron in partnership with the Florence Museum of Natural History, with the contribution of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze and the support of Banca CR Firenze

Immagini dai musei italiani
(Storerooms.  Images from Italian Museums)
Villa Bardini, 23 January – 21 February 2016

An exhibition dedicated to the hidden treasures of museum storerooms, often considered less important than pieces displayed to the public, despite being no less beautiful or significant. From 23 January to 21 February at Villa Bardini, their story will be told in 35 photographs by Marco Lanza in “Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani’, (Costa San Giorgio 2 – Tel 055 2638599 – Ticket €8). Curated by Luca Farulli, the exhibition is sponsored by Fondazione Parchi Monumentali Bardini e Peyron in partnership with the Natural History Museum of the University of Florence, with the contribution of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the support of Banca CR Firenze and under the aegis of the City of Florence. The event will be presented to the press this morning, in the presence of Michele Gremigni, Chairman of Fondazione Bardini Peyron (“­­Lanza’s work has a strong creative flair which transforms it and makes it dynamic and communicative”), Marco Lanza himself  (“I have tried to convey the story that these objects are capable of narrating”), Paola Redemagni of the Historical Archives of the National Museum of Science and Technology, Milan (“they are magical, fascinating places which should all be open to the public”) and curator, Luca Farulli.

According to Farulli, this exhibition ‘‘is a journey into the other state of things that shapes the storeroom, where works of art, archaeological finds, the products of human endeavour are kept and can be viewed, as they forsake their customary life apart. That is why we talk about “things” rather than objects, because this term emphasises the affective value of these traces of the past, a past that comes to life in image form and imparts the personal and intimate experience of the colour of time”. He adds: “The journey thus becomes an education in awareness, to be savoured slowly and momentarily transports visitors to the time and space of these things. This leads to a certain degree of familiarity in the form of a dialogue. The videos in the exhibition – produced by Pastis, a multimedia artistic partnership between Marco Lanza and his musician brother, Saverio Lanza – work along the same lines; except, in this case, the atmosphere of the storeroom is conveyed through a rhythmic, musical montage pieced together like dance movements’’.

What is special about these images is that they do not merely reproduce the storerooms, rather, they actually create them. They “fashion” them in the language of photography, through framing and light, the latter generating colour as it strikes solid matter and dust. The language of photography is a form of listening, which gives voice to objects, allowing them to tell their own stories and become traces of life. Thus the language of art expresses art.

Accompanying the exhibition is the book Depositi. Immagini dai musei italiani, published by Gli Ori, Pistoia (144 pages, €24) with text in English and Italian. 60 colour images representing the vast body of work achieved by Marco Lanza on this theme over the years.

Marco Lanza, photographer, was born in Florence, Italy. He studied on the University of Bologna’s Drama, Art and Music Studies programme (DAMS) and has been active professionally in Italy and abroad since the 1980s. His experience in photography was given a strong boost while he was working in Australia for international agencies and newsrooms. This was to lead to further opportunities in numerous countries worldwide. Alongside these international shoots, he also continued developing his artistic language, exhibiting at several museums including Westzone Gallery (London, 2001), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, 2003), Galleria Zucchi (Milan, 2005), Galerie im Einstein (Berlin, 2007), Musée Maillol (Paris, 2010), Macro (Rome, 2013). His work has been published in The Sunday Times, Colors, Die Zeit, Harper’s and Creative Review. In 2005 he created Pastis, a multimedia arts project, with his brother, the musician Saverio Lanza. He has worked with Luca Farulli since 2006. He is the author of The Living Dead. Inside the Palermo Crypt (Westzone Publishing, 2000) and Velature (Greta Edizioni, 2015).

 Luca Farulli lectures in aesthetics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. After reading philosophy at the University of Florence, he moved to Germany to continue his studies at Heidelberg University. He has been a lecturer and researcher at several universities in Germany, most notably at the University of Stuttgart, where he is currently a Research Associate of the International Centre for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT). His initial interest was in German aesthetics of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, on which subject he has published studies in Italy and Germany on Jacob Burckhardt, Friedrich Nietzsche and Johann Wolfgang Goethe. These interests later developed into the theme of colour, the aesthetics of painting and the theory of arts. In addition to this, he studies the aesthetics of the new media, on which he has lectured at several universities in Italy and abroad, including Bauhaus University, Weimar.


Immagini dai musei italiani
Villa Bardini, Costa San Giorgio, 2 – Tel. +39 055 2638599
23 January – 21 February

Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm; closed Mondays
Information: Tel. +39 055 20066206 –

Admission: €8; reduced ticket €6 foreign students.
Free parking inside Forte Belvedere.